A modern computer service always tries to solve a computer problem for the client the cheapest and the simplest. evilsoft.pl is such a service. We apply, we affiliate the performance made and full customer satisfaction.

On our website, you only pay for the effect. The computer service that we have been running for many years does not charge any fees for the appraisal. As one of the few, we also do not charge any fees if it is not possible to repair the computer. We do it because our effectiveness is so great that we do not make money on such cases.

We repair that we enable repairs, as well as solve problems with repair problems on main and other computer components.

For several years, we have also been doing professional data recovery. We have 80% of customer data recovery from our services behind us.

The evilsoft.pl company operates throughout the Łódź Province, and in the vicinity of Bełchatów and its surroundings (Piotrków Trybunalski, Zelów, Szczerców, Kluki, Rusiec, Działoszyn, Raciszyn, Pajęczno, Zduńska Wola). Laptop and desktop repair.

Clients who trusted us

Performers of activities in many different industries, distinctive characteristics, IT service, to which applies specific to each activity. The name of the entrepreneur from the company trusted:

– construction
– accounting offices and tax advisors
– market research
– hydrogeological installation,
– publishing houses
– Geodesy
– carpentry
– electro-automation
– school
– medicine

We have recovered support for enterprises in relation to a given and service-oriented one, for each client with an individual input.