Our computer service repairs computers, laptops, printers and everything related to computers. Moreover, we advise on the purchase of new computer equipment, modernization and computer networks. We install operating systems, software, and remove harmful software (viruses, trojans, worms, etc.) – so what has recently become more and more annoying.

We provide computer hardware service :

– repair of laptops, computers, printers, monitors, etc.
– service and removal of technical defects of computer equipment
– repair, replacement of components and maintenance of computers and peripherals
– installation of new devices, cards and extensions
recovering lost, deleted data from disk, pendrive and memory cards
– testing of damaged equipment – diagnosis (free)
– installation and configuration of WiFi routers – home, business wireless network
– VoIP telephony installation and configuration
– design, assembly and installation of LAN and WiFi computer networks
– removing and cleaning the computer from viruses and malware

The evilsoft.pl computer service provides:

– fast and professional service
– free access to the customer
– a six-month warranty for the service provided (system, software, configuration)
– free telephone support
– ONLINE remote assistance
– advice on how to avoid trouble in the future

Call us: +48 516 905 175