Professional laptop repair – that’s us. Thanks to many years of experience in the service of portable computers, you can be sure that by choosing us, the computer repair service will be carried out professionally, and the components used will be properly selected. We repair all kinds of faults. We approach each order individually, because we know that each equipment is used differently, and similar symptoms may have different causes. We provide a guarantee for the repaired equipment and, on request, a VAT invoice.

Our service is equipped with the latest hardware allowing for quick diagnosis and repair of defects in laptops and notebooks , netbooks and tablets.

We provide the following services – laptop repair:

• cleaning, maintenance and adjustment of cooling systems
• matrix replacement and hinge repair
• replacement of the laptop keyboard
• sale of power supplies
• regeneration and replacement of batteries in notebooks
• repair of USB sockets
• matrix inverter replacement
• cleaning laptops after flooding or damage
• regeneration (re-baling) of BGA and SMD integrated circuits
• removing passwords from the BIOS
• repair of power sockets

We support brands such as: DELL , ASUS , Toshiba , Lenovo , Acer , IBM , Fujitsu
, Sony VAIO < / a>.